Wine & Cheese Pairing Cruise In NYC

There are plenty of wine and cheese tasting in NYC at this point. In fact, you would probably be able to find a nice cheese plate in a dive bar in in the city. However, if you want to turn the tasting up a notch, try a wine and cheese cruise. Sail around Manhattan while sipping good wine and noshing on fine cheese. It’s the an experience that give the senses something to get excited about. 

I had the pleasure of going on a Classic Harbor Line pairing cruise that highlighted wine and cheese from around the globe.  It was easy to get to the yacht since it leaves from Chelsea Piers. It isn’t the type of cruise that’s about information on sites and landmarks. It’s more of a chill and sip as you take in the scenery for two hours. The cruise is nice for an adventure before dinner or a night out on the town. The cruises take place year round, but no worries since the cabin is climate controlled.

The tastings on the cruises are hosted by Wendy Crispell who I think of as the queen of food and wine pairings. She is has been a chef, food and beverage manager, wine consultant,  restaurant owner, and so much more. Long story short, she knows her stuff.

Crispell goes out of her way to make sure that the wines aren’t typical. More than likely, you just might taste a wine that is new to you. She provided a handout that gives the information on what you are tasting. If you fall in love with a new wine or cheese, you will know exactly what you had and where to get it.

Since the tastings are always different, you can go again and again to try new things. There are times when the tastings have a theme for certain holidays. Also be on the lookout for cruises that focus on cheese pairings with a spirit, such as whiskey.  What’s not to love about whiskey and cheese? Go get your sail on.





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