French Filled Weekend With Arrogant Frog Wines


The French have plenty to celebrate. The day before their team’s big match in the World Cup Final is none other that Bastille Day which is an annual holiday on July 14th.

It’s a day to celebrate the storming of the the Bastille which was a turning point in the French Revolution.  Long story short, the French people were over the monarchy and how they held prisoners in the royal fortress known as the Bastille. The Parisian revolutionaries weren’t having any more of that mess so they took it down and became the kick off  for what would abolish the French monarchy, help King XVI lose his head and get his wife, my favorite French party girl, Marie Antoinette, sent to the guillotine. The day is all about the power of the people. In other word Vive la France.

To remember the drama of it all , the French party on July 14th. The annual celebration is known  as la Fête Nationale in France. Of course celebrations will be happening all over France, but you will find that Bastille Day is catching on all over the world.  I will be channeling my inner French girl and celebrating all weekend long.

For my festivities, I’ll be sipping on of my favorite French favorites,  Arrogant Frog Wine. It’s a wine produced by Domaine Paul Mas in the Languedoc region. The frog’s vibe is all about joie de vivre and embody the French lifestyle.. It’s a fun line of wines that mock the French self-confidence. As I always say the French are full of themselves in the best possible ways. However don’t get it twisted,  while the wine may be fun, it’s got the elegance and class in a glass that a Mas wine is known for.

The great news is that Arrogant Frog has something for everybody, there’s a full line of wines to choose from. Since it’s summer and a bit hot in NYC, I’ll be going with the Rose and Sauvignon Blanc. The rose is perfect for the Camembert with garlic and rosemary that I will be baking. As for the Sauvignon Blanc, it’s the perfect option for Sunday brunch where I’ll be making eggs with spinach paired with honey ham while I watch the World Cup.

What I love about the Arrogant Frog Wines is that they easily work for every day meals whether it’s comfort food or something a little more fancy. French wine at its finest and way more fun. Santé!

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