Tipsy Scoop: Boozy Ice Cream in New York City

When you first hear of booze infused ice cream, you might get the feels. It’s something to definitely get excited about. After you calm down, you might wonder if it’s legit or a gimmick. The yummy news is that Tipsy Scoop is the real deal. They even card to make sure people are 21.

The popular ice cream shop makes boozy ice cream that come in such flavors infused with rum, tequila, whiskey, vodka, and so much more.  If you want to sample the goods just head on down to the Lower East Side or look for it at several retailers. However If you live in the city you can be a lazy daisy and have it delivered to your door with Door Dash. Why go out into the heat if you don’t need to?

All of the ice cream flavors are inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails. Everything is made with local and seasonal ingredients, which is why a particular ice cream that you fall in love with may not be available during certain times of year.

If you really want to experience Tipsy Scoop on a whole other level take one of their ice cream making classes.  The classes are around two hours where you make two boozy pints to take home. Did I mention that you get to eat ice cream and drink while you are in class? I was invited to check out a class and it was such a hoot. It’s a great way to spend a day with your squad. I would even venture to say that it makes a great date. I mean, if baby can’t hang out and make boozy ice cream, are they really the one? Best to find out now.

If you are a fan of ice cream and like a good drink then Tipsy Scoop will totally be your jam. Cheers!

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