Spend July 4th Sipping Vodka Cocktails

The perfect ingredient for the 4th of July is vodka. If you really want to mix things up go for a rosé vodka like the one from Three Olives Vodka. With aromas of strawberry and cherry, it’s perfect for your barbecues or burgers. The spirit is so smooth you could just drink it on ice. If you are entertaining, a rosé lemonade cocktail will get your party going.

If you happen to be a vodka purist, then the Spiked Lemonade with Van Gogh Vodka is where it’s at. The Holland based vodka is one of my favorites. It’s smooth on the palate and great for cocktails or chilled neat. The lemonade would pair with food very easily.

Even if you don’t make these drinks for the 4th, they can easily fit into your summer rotation. Enjoy. Cheers!


Red, White & Rosé

1 Part Three Olives® Rosé Vodka

Top with Soda Water

2 Dash Peychaud’s Bitters


Pour vodka into a glass with ice, top with club soda and a dash of bitters. Garnish with grapefruit twist.

Three Olives Rose Lemonade


2 oz. Three Olives® Rosé Vodka

4 oz Lemonade

Club soda, to top

1/2  to 1 oz Chambord (optional)


Combine vodka and lemonade in a Collins glass or stemless wine glass over ice. Stir gently, and top with club soda. If you want to add more chutzpah to the drink add a ½ to 1 oz of Chambord. Garnish with a lemon wheel.


WB Spiked Lemonade


1/2 oz. grenadine

1/2 oz. blue curaçao

1/2 oz. lemonade

1-1/2 oz. Van Gogh Vodka

Crushed ice


Combine crushed ice with grenadine and 1/2 ounce Van Gogh Vodka, add to the bottom of a highball glass. Combine crushed ice with lemonade and 1/2 ounce Van Gogh Vodka and place in glass on top of red layer. Combine crushed ice with blue curaçao and remaining 1/2 ounce of Van Gogh Vodka and place in glass on top of the white layer. Garnish with floating blueberries and a mint sprig.





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