Wining and Dining with Lucien Albrecht Wines

Me and Lucien Albrecht winemaker, Jerome Keller

If you look at photos of Alasce it looks like a magickal town. It’s scenery is breathtaking. It has all the makings of a enchanted city. The region is known for two things that I love the most: witches and wine.

Alsace became one of my favorite wine regions due to the delicious that come out of the area. The region was passed between Germany and France several times. Think of it as a French wine region with German influence. Both German and French are spoken in the area, however more than half of the region speaks Alsatian, a combo of French and German. Besides being known for their crémants , the Germanic grape varieties Gewurztraminer and Riesling dominate in wine production.

I had the pleasure of going to a wine pairing dinner at Rouge Tomate with Jerome Keller, the winemaker of Lucien Albrecht Wines. The winery’s origins go back to 1698. They are now on their eighth generation and only getting better. The winery is a part of the Wolfberger cooperative located in Eguisheim, a medieval village in Alsace.

The winery is best known for sparkling Cremant d’ Alsace, especially their brut rosé . It’s a bit of a show stopper and can easily be paired with dishes.Throw the so called “wine rules” out of the window and try it with anything you want, it’s going to be a good pairing.

Keller walked us through several wines during a three course dinner. We kicked things off with the star of the evening, the Lucien Brut rosé . It’s a wine that I’ve had more than a few times. It never disappoints and pairs with many different foods. Made with Pinot Noir grapes, the salmon colored wine is their most popular.


I went with a chicken dish because I had a feeling it would easily pair with the rest of the wines. After the bubbles we moved to their Pinot Gris 2015 and Riesling 2016.

The Pinot Gris is an aromatic light white wine with fruity and mineral aromas. It was good with my main course. As for the Riesling 2016, dry yet refreshing. I’ve slowly but surely come around to liking Riesling wines. The ones that I enjoy the most happen to come from Alsace.

If you are looking for an interesting wine region to try wine it’s Alsace. It’s not like the other French wine regions. There’s a unique taste to the wines. Lucien Albrecht wines are available around the globe, so be on the lookout.

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