Bruja On Books: Amsterdam Exposed

Amsterdam is known for several things: good vodka, pot, and their red light district.

The district is a place that most people are curious about and would love to get a peak behind the red curtain. To  date the district is not what it use to be. Many of the window brothels are closing down. Basically legalised prostitution has changed the game in Amsterdam.

If you want a look at the old school red light district then, Amsterdam Exposed,  will give you a superficial peak look at how things use to be David Wienir decided to move to Amsterdam to write  a book about meeting prostitutes and talking to them. It took him years to publish the book.  I was sent a copy to review, personally, I  think It could have stayed in a draw.  

The fact that he intentionally wanted to meet prostitutes  to “write about them” made me go “hmmm”. I get it, sometimes you have to take yourself to the party to get desired results. However there is nothing deep about his intentions. Wienir probably didn’t mean to make his trip all about him, but he kinda did. He’s also not the best storyteller. The book is a typical telling of women who are in the oldest profession. Nothing to see here.

I wanted to love the book, but overall simply felt “meh” about it .The book is a quick read and will give you a glimpse of the culture in Amsterdam. I’d much rather see it from someone else.  I honestly couldn’t get through the whole thing, found it to be a waste of time. However, it just might be your jam. I did love the book cover tho’!

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