Witchcraft Cocktails: HEEET Cinnamon Vodka

When I first got the email for HEEET Vodka, I thought hmm. I enjoy cinnamon, but what can I do with it? It’s never been my go to for vodka. In fact, I sometimes get flashbacks of “regret” due to horrible flavored vodka. Could HEEET change my mind? Well, I have to say..YASSS!

HEEET is an American made vodka produced in small batches by Merry Go Spirits. Their jam is making craft spirits with natural and organic ingredients. One sniff from the bottle, I could tell it was a quality vodka.  It’s also pretty smooth going down.

Cinnamon has always been one of my favorite aphrodisiacs. While women like cinnamon, men really get turned on when they smell it.  Not only is the spirit tasty, but it’s kind of sexy. Keep that in mind for when for when you want to sip and savor HEEET. Having it neat is a good way to go. If you want to mix it up, the vodka can be used in any martini or margarita situation. I also recommend using it in a summer sangria, because it would mix well with red wine and Cognac. 

I used the vodka in some brunch recipes. It was perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. I whipped up a boozy maple syrup to pour over French Toast and washed it down in a with what I call a Cinnamosa. I hope these recipes inspire you to use cinnamon vodka in new ways. Cheers!

HEEET Cinny Syrup


1 cup maple syrup

¼ cup of HEEET Cinnamon Vodka

1 tablespoon of French butter (European butter would also work)


In a small pot over low heat, combine HEEET vodka, maple syrup, and butter.Stir until the mixture lightly simmers. Keep simmering for a few minutes. Remove from heat then let it cool. Pour over French toast or pancakes while still a bit warm.



¾ Parts HEEET Vodka

1 ½ parts Orange Juice

Sparkling Wine  

Orange slice (garnish)

Red Hots (optional)


In a chilled coup glass add HEEET vodka and orange juice. Top with bubbly. Garnish with orange and throw a few red hots in the glass for pizazz.

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