Blue Point Brewery: Cask Ales Fest & New Location

A few months ago I hadn’t even heard of Blue Point Brewery.  I admit that I was very tardy to the Blue Point Party. It’s a popular brew for many New Yorkers. Well, now I know.

Blue Point was started in 1998 by two buddies who were on the prowl for fresh beer on Long Island. I was surprised to find out that the brewery has been a part of the Anheuser-Busch craft beer family since 2014. That being said, Blue Point, has stayed true to their craft brew roots by continuing to make beer in Patchogue. As they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Things have been going so well that they are expanding to a new location that’s literally just up the street. Their new brewery is going to increase their production. It will also allow them to offer more limited edition beers. There’s going to be a restaurant to give people a  food and beer experience plus a beer garden. I had the chance to take a quick walk through a bit of the new facility. It’s going to be lit.

Since 2004 Blue Point has been producing the Cask Ales Fest. What started off as a handful of beer lovers has become the largest ale festival in the US. This year 70 breweries were invited to the last fest at River Ave.  It was a sweet goodbye and the beginning of a new chapter. I was honored that Blue Point invited me to be a part of the festivities. They even gave me a lift to Patchogue in a plush bus. The ride kicked off with Dough Donuts and coffee. This was going to be a very good day trip.

It was clear that people were excited about the fest, because a line started forming at the gate. I got to kick it in the VIP section, which had some oysters, grub, and places to chill. To top it off Blue Point beer  was on tap in the pub. I did my part and investigated quite a bit of beer. At most tasting events, they pour a wee amount in glasses. The tastings at this fest were not for the weary. My glass kept getting filled all the way up. It was four hours of beer flowing and cheers as each cask was complete.

There were about five food trucks for people to pick up some food. I ended up getting some amazing loaded garlic knots with melted cheese, garlic, and marinara sauce from Brockenzo’s Pizza which I paired with Blue Point Mosaic Beer. It was the perfect pairing.

It was my first time attending the Cask Ales Fest, but definitely not my last. I was impressed by the community of beer aficionados that it has created. It was a great way to celebrate with beer, food and music. What could be better than that?

Their new location is almost ready. Make sure you plan a trip next time you’re in Long Island. If  Cask Ales Fest sounds like your jam, you will have to wait until next year to go. Get tickets early, because it does sell out. If Patchogue feels so far away, be on the lookout for their brew at your local beer shop or pub. Cheers!

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