Rocklands Barbeque, Washington D.C.

So, I was standing with a group of people in the park in D.C. when someone said, “Rocklands Barbeque is always a good choice”.  I always find that to be fighting words. I’m originally from Texas and if anyone knows how to work a barbecue pit it’s people in Houston. It’s part of our southern charm.

Since I was curious about this so called “good choice”, I decided to make toss my shrimp wrap and go taste for myself.  It’s a no frills kind of place. Great for when you want to kick it casual. There’s a wide variety on the menu from  featuring beef, chicken, and fish. If you are a vegetarian, they have something for you as well.

I’m so happy to report that Rocklands lived up to the hype and then some. I opted for a Barbequed Brisket Sandwich with a side of small onion rings (though I so wanted the large). The beef was tender and juice. The onion rings were just right. Let me say a few words about the sauce on the sandwich. There are times when barbque is good, but the sauce is weak and whack.  It’s the most important part of the barbeque experience. Whoever is making the sauce at Rocklands, I’m giving them a round of applause. The sauce was on point. It’s was the perfect pairing with the tender brisket. A little kick to it with a touch of sweet on the palate.

I liked the sandwich so much that I picked up another on to go for my ride back to NYC. It’s a big thumbs up for Rocklands Barbeque, there’s magick going on in their kitchen.

Rocklands Barbeque, 2418 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washingtion, DC 20007





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