The Bokksu Subscription Box

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When you want to travel to Japan without getting on a plane, let the Bokksu Box give you and your palate a Japanese experience.  The founder, Danny Taing, created the box when he discovered how difficult it was to find authentic snacks from Japan in the U.S.

The elegant box of treats is an array of  curated Japanese gourmet snacks and teas sourced from local makers in Japan. Each box comes with 20- 25 Japanese snack paired with tea that follows a culturaltheme. It’s a lovely presentation from outside to inside. And what’s not to love about snacks and tea?

I had the pleasure of getting the Blossoming Spring experience to review. Japan celebrates the spring with cherry blossoms. It’s common to go sit under the blooms and enjoy snacks with family and friends. The first time I experienced cherry blossoms was when I lived in San Francisco. The flowers were like magick to my senses. I felt like the box was the perfect tribute to them.

Some of the snacks that were included in the Bokksu Box:

Sakura Love Tea

Baked Chocolate Strawberry

Sakura Shimp Kakimochi

Hand- Baked Butter Senbi

Ume Sable

Pocket Double Strawberry

Spring Rice Crackers

Sakura Chocolate Crepe

White Strawberry

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about the Japanese snack game. I had heard of Pocky, but what the heck is a Suppa Mucho Stick? I was thrilled to get a booklet that included a description of the snacks and where they are sourced from. I also loved the touch of the tea pairing. I felt like I was having an authentic Japanese experience. Everything was curated with love.

The box is perfect for people who love to travel, Japanophiles, and any foodie who loves a good snack and tea pairing.