Cognac Cocktails To Give Your Palate A Spring Fling

It’s no secret that I absolutely love brandy. It’s a spirit that I can’t get enough of from the history of it to the taste. That being said, the “king of brand”, Cognac is always at the top of my sipping list and it should be on yours. When you are in the mood for elegance, Cognac is where it’s at.

There are so many fabulous cocktails that can be made with the spirit that make just the right libation for the spring. While you may heard of Hennessy, Remy Martin, and Martell, there many more Cognac houses to explore.


Mint Julep

Photo  by : Jason Plummer (@BarrelAgedDad )


1/4 oz Simple Syrup

1 tbsp Water

6 Mint Leaves, plus 2 sprigs for garnish

2 oz. Cognac

2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters


-Add simple syrup and 1 tbsp. water in a highball glass or silver julep cup.

-Add mint leaves; gently crush with a spoon or muddler.

-Fill glass 3/4 full with cracked ice and pour in Cognac; stir until chilled, about 15 seconds.

-Fill glass with more ice; garnish with mint sprigs and two straws.

-Add 2-3 dashes angostura bitters  (optional)

Ophelia’s Drift

Photo Credit:; Recipe Credit: Kellie Thorn, Beverage Director, Empire State South, Atlanta


2 oz Cognac VS

.25 oz Barrows Ginger Liquer

.25 oz Strongly Chamomile Tea

.25 oz Pineapple Syrup

.5 oz Lemon Juice

Dry Sparkling Wine

Simple Syrup, to taste


-Shake all ingredients except sparkling wine with ice.

-Straing over ice in a chilled rocks glass.

-Top with sparkling wine.

-Garnish with flowers and a lemon wheel.

Rhubarb Daisy

Recipe & Photo Credit: Stacie Grissom (@GardenCocktails)


1.5oz Cognac VS

1 oz Chilled Rooibos Tea

.75oz Rhubarb Simple Syrup

.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Edible flower and Rhubarb Ribbon for garnish


-Add Cognac, rooibos tea, rhubarb simple syrup, and lemon juice to an ice-filled shaker.

-Shake, strain, and serve in an ice-filled collins glass.

-Garnish with a flower and a rhubarb ribbon.

(Tip: use a vegetable peeler to get a uniform rhubarb ribbons!)


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