Astronomy Alchemy- April 2018

Bringing two of my favorite things together astronomy and wine/spirits for a swirl of alchemy. Most people miss the connection of alchemy in wine and spirits, but it’s at the forefront of what goes into the bottle. Each month I use a tarot deck to channel a message for each sign and pair with a spirit or wine. Blessed be!

Tarot selection for the month: Santa Muerte Tarot

Aries- (March 21- April 19)

You are stronger than you know. Dig deep and whatever comes your way be ready to show what a badass you are. When it feels like you are failing, take a deep breathe, find some patience then get back in the ring. You got this. Burn some myrrh to stay grounded. Sip some Lucente 2015, a beautiful intense red blend from Italy.

Taurus- (April 20- May 20)

You are at an interesting point in life. While you are confident, you are hesitant to take chances. Don’t you know that chances are where the magick is in life. There’s opportunities waiting in the wings, all you have do is go for it. Yes, the outcome is uncertain, but isn’t that where the adventure is? Take that chance. Dare yourself to go for something that scares you so much, you know you have to do it. This month has Hennessy X.O written all over it.

Gemini- (May 21-June 20)

Seeds that you have planted are about to bear fruit. All the calls, emails, and networking are about to pay off. Now is not the time to be shy, be ready to ask for what you want. People are paying attention and ready to open doors for you. Stay positive and know that you are on the right path. Give yourself the gift of Montenegro. It’s the best of sweet and bitter amaro alchemy, just like life.

Cancer – (June 21-July 22)

Your creative juices will be flowing this month. Break out a new journal so that you can take notes and keep up with your “aha” moments. Make sure that you set aside quality me time to write out all of the juicy bits of info. Your divine feminine will be knocking it out of the ballpark. What will you do with all of your new ideas? Your go to drink is Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Leo- (July 23- August 22) 

Your theme for the month is stability. That’s a very good look on you. When you feel stable it gives you an edge in all opportunities. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take chances, that’s what you do best. It’s a great time to go big. If you have been dreaming about something, the universe is giving you a wink and a smile. Do it! Get a bottle of Pommery Royal Champagne to sip and burn some orange aromatherapy oil in the spirit of saying yes to life.                                                            

Virgo- (August 23- September 22)

Don’t be too attached to how you think things should be. That can take the spontaneity out of life and you can miss out on some serious awesome sauce. Sometimes you just throw your list out of the window and go with the flow. Its where the excitement shows up and shows out in life.  You don’t have to have it all figured out, the universe is hold you up. The Gorgorito Verdejo is a great wine to sip to enjoy every day.

Libra- (September 23- October 22)

If you are looking for a new love, get on those dating sites and get to it. There’s a love vibration headed your way so jump on the wave. Even if you aren’t looking for a long term relationship, it’s always good to keep see who’s out there, because you never know when the love of your life will drop in. Put some roses petals in a bowl to add love energy in your space. A sexy Rhône red like Louis Bernard Vacqueyras 2015 is a good way to go.

Scorpio- (October 23 -November 22)

Girl, you have loved and learned. The good news is that you can use all the love education one someone worthy. If you are single, someone is showing up. Those in a relationship, you may feel closer to the one that you love. Be open to experience a new love attitude. You get back what you put out. Have some Whispering Angel Rosé  to feel the magick of love.

Sagittarius- (November 23- December 21)

You mind is on your money and money is on your mind. There have been some financial challenges so you are posed with a few questions. Should you stay in a job you don’t like or go for something different. Always follow your bliss. Don’t let money keep you prisoner from your happiness. Please some mint for your purse or wallet. It’s a magickal symbol of money. Your go to spirit is Grey Goose. It’s a luxury in a bottle!

Capricorn- (December 22- January 20)

This month is going to be jam packed with changes. Don’t be worried, because it’s all good. Somewhere along the way you asked the universe to step in and assist. Well, girlfriend, you are finally getting what you asked for. Enjoy the ride. Pop open a bottle of Chandon Brut to celebrate living your best life. BOOM!

Aquarius- (January 21- February 18)

The theme of the month for you is harmony. Looks like the universe is a co-conspirator baby! It gets no better than that. Life at home should be good. Life at work should be more than fine.  And everything in between is also fabulous. It’s all looking good for you. So, the only question is what will you do to enjoy your good fortune? Sip some Pascual Toso Brut from Argentina to enjoy the feels that make you feel good.

Pisces- (February 19- March 20)

Looks like there is a challenge before you this month. Something isn’t working out as planned. It’s not like you can’t handle the situation, it’s just about being ready for anything and everything. When the door closes, find the window girl and wiggle your way in. Fistpump and sip some Juve & Camp Brut Cava simply because you should.



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