Tipsy Tarot: March 26, 2018- April 3, 2018

This week’s pairing is the Archangel Michael Oracle and Georges Duboeuf Château de Saint-Amour. The oracle is with a message from my favorite angel. Michael is deep, rich, and full of love, much like the town of Saint-Amour which is where the wine comes from. From the 7th century to the Middle Ages, monks made the wine in the region. It has all the making of a perfect pairing.

Archangel Michael sends the message that your home is protected, the situation is resolved, and explore your options.

Every now and then we all feel vulnerable. It’s a part of life. Always remember that Archangel Michael has your back. He’s there to protect you through anything and everything, all you have to do is ask. Extra strength is his jam so he got you.

Ever feel like you are stuck? We’ve all been there. Just know that you don’t have to always have the answers, in fact you may not have any answers. Everything is actually as it should be. As you are going through a situation, know that the universe already has an outcome planned.

It’s a good time to look for something new to get into. Look for a new job if you aren’t happy where you are. How’s your living situation, maybe it’s time to move. How’s the love life, if you are dating clowns, time to leave them at the circus and find a new love. See what else the world has for you.

Long story short:

Archangel Michael is protecting you 24/7. You are protected in all that you do. Don’t let a tough situation get you down, everything is working in your favor. Turn up your faith. Last but not least, get a new attitude and try something new. There are so many other options, be open to them. Blessed be.

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