Adventure Time

It’s time for some new adventures. I’ve had the pleasure of going on some luxury  press trips around the world, but I feel like it’s time for me to spend some quality time exploring the East Coast and more of Canada. There are so many places in New York I still haven’t been, then Philly and D.C. are blowing up in new ways how can I not go play in those cities?

Today was kind of the kickoff of it all when I ended up in Hampton, N.J. at Fell Manor. It was the country side of Jersey. While a bit cold, it was so beautiful. 

I  plan on taking Greyhound quite a bit as I go on explorations since it makes so many cities on the East accessible. I signed up for their points program so I will report back when I find out what it’s all about.

So where are you off to next? Traveling is some of the best medicine around.

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