Comsi Comsa: The Sparkling Apple Wine From Upstate New York


Most people think that the Germans invented apple wine. It was actually the Greeks and Romans who invented it in around 420 B.C.. The ancient folks were so crafty with booze. A big high five to Bacchus.

Apple wine has different names in different parts of the world. The Greeks called it Sikera while in Germany it’s known as Apfelwein, but in Spain it’s Sidra. In the U.S., we normally just call it apple wine.

New York State is known for producing some wicked apple wines, especially sparking apple wines which are on a whole other level. You may be surprised to find out that New York State has more varieties of apples than any other state. How about them apples?

There’s a new craft distiller in upstate New York producing a sparkling wine called Comsi Cosma Apple Crisp ( $14.99, 12% alcohol). It sounds like it comes from a fancy part of France. Even the sleek bottle gives off a sense of “oh la la”. Comsi Comsa means “like this, like that” in French. It appears as though the company has some French roots.

The bottle of bubbles is produced  by Sauvage in Oneonta, New York. If you are wondering where that is, you aren’t alone. I hadn’t heard of the city either. Though I’ve probably passed through on a Greyhound. 

The wine is made with pure apple juice using the traditional method. That basically means it’s made like Champagne. I didn’t know what to expect before I took a sip. I used a coup glass to allow the aromas to shine through whereas a flute would hold the aromas hostage.  The wine is a delight on the palate. There aren’t as many bubbles as Champagne, it reminds me more of a Crémant.  It’s the right balance of flavors with a crisp finish. As an additional bonus, it’s kosher and gluten free.


The wine would go great with food, since the apple taste doesn’t overpower the palate.  I suggest pairing it with a cheese plate, soufflé, empanadas, or salads. Basically, savory dishes would be a good pairing. I also can’t wait to make some drinks with the wine. It’s perfect to use for elegant cocktails to paired with dinner.

If you are a cider fan, you are going to love this wine. Fans of bubbles, this wine will be your jam as well. Apples tend to be a symbol of the fall, but I would say this is a wine for all seasons.

Sauvage’s farm distillery and tasting room is located in Oneonta which is in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Next time you are in the area, you should stop by. say hi, and pick up a bottle of Apple Crisp.

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