Tipsy Tarot: March 12, 2018- March 18, 2018

This week’s pairing is the Rosa Regale Sparkling Red with the Faerie Tarot.

The Italian sweet sparkling wine has aromas of rose petals and berries. It’s been called “the taste of love”. It  pairs perfectly with the enchantment and love vibe of the faeries.

The faeries have brought the Knight of Cups, Judgement, and The Fool to get us through this week.

The Knight of Cups is being some love into the week. Expect an invitation or a proposal. Someone has their eye on you and wants to show you how much they care. Stay open to the power of love. It will move any mountains in your life.

Expect the unexpected. Let it be your truth. Success shall be yours in all areas of their life, especially where you heart chakra is concerned. Consider this a time of renewal. Your energy will be in sync with a positive new groove. It’s all good.

Be ready for new adventures. You asked the universe for more and now you are getting a response. The most important move that you can make is to just say yes to everything coming your way.

Long story short:

The love vibration will be off the hook. A new love or your partner will be very amorous this week. Unexpected things are going to go down in the most delightful way. Allow it all go come into you. Have some new adventures. Dare to do things that you haven’t done before. It will do you good.

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