The Kosher Food & Wine Experience: Psagot Wines

The 12th annual Kosher Wine & Food Experience came to New York City with over 700 wines and spirits from around the world. The sold out event had things popping and flowing at Pier 60. I sipped around the room and discovered several new wines and Cluny, a nice affordable Scotch. There was plenty of good food, but I couldn’t stop eating the barbecue from Wandering Cue.

I was invited to the experience to check out Psagot Wine. The winery was founded in 2003 and is located overlooking mountains in Jerusalem. They age their wine in a cave that dates back to the Second Temple.

For a  brief moment I was able to chat with the owner of Psagot, Yakov Berg. He’s got quite a passionate and vibrant personality. When I asked him why he initially went to law school instead of getting into wine sooner, he quickly replied, “ it was a mistake”. Fortunately he ended up exactly where he should the wine business.

The wine tasting kicked off with the Psagot Rosé. It was nice and light, perfect for a summer day or when you want something light to sip. It was the series of red wines that really got my attention. The Cabernet Sauvignon and Peak were stellar wines, but the star of the event was the Psagot Edom. The red is a blend and has notes of black berries and vanilla. While Berg loves all of his wines, he hinted that the Edom just might be his favorite.

Psagot wines could hold their own against wine from French and Italy. Their quality is evident from the first sip. While the wines are kosher, they also are just very good wines so they would be good for any occasion.

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