Tipsy Tarot: February 14, 2018- February 21, 2018

This week’s pairing is the Magdalene Oracle and Duboeuf Saint- Amour. The oracle is based on Saint Mary Magdalene, who has one of the most intriguing  stories in history.  I paired it Saint-Amour due to the name, but also because the town in France has a unique history as well. Both are layered, invoke passion, and magick. It makes the perfect pairing.

Feeling like you are in a matrix? Don’t put too much energy into trying to figure out why something did no work out as planned. Doing that takes away from what you should be doing. Stop looking at the closed door and find that window. Keep on trusting that the universe has everything under control, especially the things that you can’t see.

 Gaia is saying that it may be time to ground yourself again. This is something that we must consistently do. These days there is so much negative energy thrown our way. Taking time to make sure that your energy is firmly planted is one of the best things to you can do for yourself. It guards your aura, keeps you on track, and helps positive energy flow to and through you. What could be better than that?

If you have not been seeing eye to eye with someone, take a step back.  There are always other perspectives that can be looked at in certain situation. Think about where you compromise. If you can’t that’s all good to, but make sure this is a fight worth fighting and not the ego getting in the way.

Long story short:

You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward. Sometimes the mystery of it all is what leads you to the rainbow. Get grounded. If you worry less and let the universe take the wheel. You will be living your life like it’s golden. Last but not least, remember to keep and open heart and open mind. Sometimes meeting someone half way is where the magick is. Namaste.

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