Pop Witch: Marlon Brando, Kathy Griffin, Dane Cook & Kerry Washington


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Marlon Brando & Richard Pryor

So, the internet was a buzz after Quincy Jones implied that Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor had a love affair.  Pryor’s widow said it was true, meanwhile she is going out with a book or something, so she would probably say just about anything right now. Brando’s son, Miko, says it never happened while Pryor’s daughter, Rain, has also said, the hook up never happened.  Does it really matter that this point? I would say there was probably a hit it and quit it between Pryor and Brando. One night worth remembering if you know what I mean.


Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is slowly creeping back into the Hollywood spotlight. She made her first red carpet appearance since the bloodied, decapitated head of “you know who”  last May. I predict that we will start to see more of Griffin. Her career may never be fully back on track, but she will be in the mix. She will sell out some shows.  It might do her good to get in the booze game so she can always have money coming in. If she has a good hooch recipe she should get on it.

Dane Cook

Dane Cook has been seen frolicking with this 19 year old girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor, in Hawaii. It’s great that they are “all in love” not, but I can see this relationship crashing and burning. Taylor is going to end up on a set with some young hot actor and see ya Dane. Cook will be heart broken, but he will make like Celine Dion…his heart will go on.

Kerry Washington

Scandal is almost over. I think it’s been a bit hard to watch this season, because it feels like they are trying to stretch out a season. It will be interesting to see where the cast ends up next. Kerry Washington has a new show that she is working on with Eva Longoria that’s a comedy. I dig this, however I eventually see Washington ending up on a Netflix show. Maybe she will team up with Shonda Rhimes again? Hmm…


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