Tipsy Tarot: February 5, 2018- February 11, 2018

The pairing for the week is the Legrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot with the Miravigna Terre Di Chieti  Rosé. The tarot is full of complexity and character just like the Italian wine from Abruzzo. It’s the perfect pairing.



This week’s channeled message brings in the Chariot, Magician, and Tower. Hold on and get ready for a the ride.

Your will power is going to take you move you forward this week. Don’t let anything hold you back. Even if you find yourself a bit frustrated push through it. Success is waiting for you on the other side of your hard work.

Lessons that you’ve learned along the way will come into play. Your resourcefulness will help you know which action to take at work and in your personal life. Don’t talk yourself out of following your intuition. The answers are within.

Be ready for a sudden change. It will be something that you least expect you, so it will rock you a bit. Sometimes we play things to safe so the universe has to shake things up a little to get us going in the right direction. Embrace the new opportunities heading your way.

Long story short:

Stay persistent. It will pay off. The universe has a way of turning things around when you least expect it. Remember that you’ve learned. Those life lessons will come in handy as you figure out what action to take next. Change is coming into the mix. No matter what it is know that you can climb any mountain that is in your way.

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