Tipsy Tarot: January 29, 2018- February 4, 2018

The pairing for the week is the Seeds of Shakti Oracle and Bluecoat Gin. Shaki is unique, powerful, and leaves an impression just like the delicious Bluecoat Gin. It is the perfect pairing.

This week’s message is a divine reminder that you are connected, there’s wisdom inside ready for you to tap, and the universe has you.

Give some love to your crown chakra which has a message for you. Take time to incorporate moments of silence into the week so that you can be open to receive the information that will feed your soul.

Using crystals are a wonderful tool to help you heal. If you have some cleanse their energy and put new intentions on them. You can go pick up a new crystal that you’ve been wanting to add to your collection. Go to your nearest spiritual store and hold stones until you find one that feels right.

The universe is rooting for you. Everything that you do is connected. Each action has a reaction.You are setting the tone for everything that crosses your path. What you put out is what you get back in.

Long story short:

There divine feminine energy is tapping you on the shoulder. Be ready for messages coming your way. They will be packed with info to lead you in the right direction. Get your crystals ready for magick. Put one under your pillow or carry one with you are you go about your day.  Trust in the universe. Everything is working out in your favor. You got this!

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