Tipsy Tarot- January 22, 2018-January 27, 2018

The pairing for the week is Mionetto NV Cuvée  Anniversario Brut and  the Angel Prayer’s Oracle.  The wine is a limited edition and in a special bottle to celebrate Mionetto’s 130 years. I paired with this deck because angels are consistently reminding us how special and unique we are. It’s the perfect pairing to celebrate yourself.

This week the angels have a message that tells us to be on the lookout for change &  transition, connect with music, and focus your mind.

It’s still a time of change and transition since the year still is rather new-ish. Energy is doing its best to take root in this year and follow through on those goals and dreams that you threw out into the universe. Change is not always comfortable, it’s supposed to rock you a bit. Going out of your comfort zone is where the magick is. Without transition that can be no progress.

Music can do wonders to heal your heart and soul. What music moves you? Create a playlist to get your groove on  so that it’s ready to go when you feel like you need it. There’s inspiration waiting for you in the form of lyrics.

What are you focused on? So many times we waste good energy on the wrong things and people. It’s time to get that in check if you are truly  ready to move forward in your life. Be honest about what you spend your time on. How are those things assisting you with your goals? Your time is precious so spend it wisely.

Long story short:

Change is a good thing. Allow change to be your best friend instead of an enemy. The angels are ready to assist during your transition. Let the music play on and on. It will inspire you. Last but not least, focus, focus, FOCUS. Take the time to get your mind, body, and soul in alignment for what you need to do to live you best life.

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