Tipsy Tarot- January 15, 2018-January 21, 2018

This week’s pairing is the Les Vampires Oracle and Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port. Why would port remind me of vampires? Well,  in Portugal there is a vampire known as the bruxsa that was usually a woman who became a vampire through witchcraft. The vampire is invincible due to the fact that they were a witch in their mortal life making them hard to detect and impossible to kill. Need I say more? It’s the perfect pairing.

A dark deck full of vampires helps us move closer to the light.  This week Love Conquers All, Resurrection, and Religion are front and center.

Love is in the air…or something like that. This month love will be ignited or renewed, you ready? Clear your heart chakra so that it’s ready to receive love no matter what kind of love you are seeking. The love that you seek is seeking you.

It’s time for a comeback. Maybe you refer to it as a resolution. Change is in the air so embrace all of it with both arms and an open heart. Let go of the past. It’s now behind you. Be open to new opportunities, there will be many before you. The universe heard your plea for change, so here it is!

Think of the appearance of the religion card as philosophy. What rituals are you into that ground your chakras? Your mindset is what drives you in all things good, bad, and ugly.  Keep negative thoughts on the sidelines and see your life change before your eyes.

Long story short:

Love is about to show up and show out in your life. How you choose to accept it is up to you. There are many changes on the way. Go with the flow of it all. It will lead you to your higher self.  Your mindset is a key component in all that is happening to you. Don’t focus on what you lack. Stay in the moment. Believe in magick and miracles and watch it all unfold. Blessed be!

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