Pompette: Booze For Busy People


It’s no secret that I spend quite a bit of time around wine and spirits. I still get excited when I get to try a new liqueur or when a wine sample arrives. It seems to never get old.

I have a confession: I get off on helping people discover new wines. It gives me great pleasure when someone says I’m the one to blame for their new Cognac addiction. I also love helping people drink out of their comfort zone.

There’s never a time when booze isn’t in vogue. People drink when they’re happy and they drink when they’re sad. That being said, there’s so much going on in the wine and spirit world, it can be hard to keep up with it all. That’s where my newsletter, Pompette, comes in.

I’ll go through the news and noise to select the most interesting 411 on wine/spirits to deliver to your inbox. If you’re wondering about the word, “pompette”…it means tipsy in French.

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