Twinings Tea: Be You Best Blend

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea Month? Oh yes it is! It’s the perfect way get into Dry January and warm up as you drink to new beginnings.

I had the pleasure of attending a Twinings Tea event in NYC featuring the Stephen Twining and radio host, Delilah. The night was dedicated to helping us be our best blend. I kind of turned into a complete fangirl when I found out that Delilah was going to be at the event. I use to listen to her radio show every Sunday night as I thought about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. She got me through some things.

Throughout the evening we enjoyed Twinings latest herbal blends: Lemon Delight, Berry Fusion, and Buttermint.  While I was a bit skeptical of a tea called Buttermint, it was my favorite. While it sounds like it would taste like licking a stick of butter, it’s a vanilla flavoured peppermint tea. A swirl of two of my favorite aphrodisiacs. There were also some interesting tea based craft cocktails being served. Using tea in mixed drinks dates all the way back to 1727. 

Stephen Twining is what I like to think of as a “tea rockstar”. He’s super cool and has a wealth of tea knowledge. He shared some practical tips with me during a tea demo. While it may not be rocket science when it comes to brewing tea, there is one very important tip that Twining shared with me.  Don’t continuous dunk or squeeze the tea bag, simply let the tea steep uninterrupted. I’m totally guilty of not giving my tea ample time to steep.  Long story short, exercise a little patience while waiting for the tea to brew.

As for Delilah, I had no idea what she looked like or what to expect. She was taller than I imagined. I always imagined her as a brunette for some reason. Her voice was the same soothing friend that I remembered. We sat in an intimate circle while chatting about about life and her love of tea.  It’s what she likes to offer guests when they visit her home. If Delilah ever offers you coffee that she made herself, it probably won’t be any good. Coffee is not her thing.

Delilah shared some of her favorite tunes to relax and restore which include: Hello ( Adele), Your Song ( Elton John), I Hope You Dance ( Lee Ann Womack), Treat You Better ( Shawn Mendes) and It Will Rain Radio ( Bruno Mars) to name a few.

I left the event with a note to self. Remember o slow down and spending time with amazing people to be in my best blend.

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