Tipsy Tarot: January 1, 2018- January 7, 2018

This week’s pairing is the LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot with Nomad Outland Whisky.  A circus is on the move and so is a nomad, get it? Besides that it felt right to select an eclectic deck that symbolizes moving as the year closes and a new one begins. Energy will be shifting and moving as we all attempt to accomplish our goals and live our best life. As for the spirit, Nomad is a unique whisky that is blended in Scotland then transfers to mature in sherry casks in Jerez, Spain. It’s the perfect pairing.

I love this new deck of mine. The art is a great interpretation of a classic tarot deck. The message comes from the Knight of Swords, The Lovers, and Page of Coins.

The Knight of Swords shows that you feel motivated to take actions.That’s a good look and very common in the beginning of a new year. Hopes are high. You feel unstoppable. Don’t forget to think things through. It’s always great to take a big leap, just make sure that you can back everything up when get to where you are going.

It’s always good when The Lovers card shows up. Love is such a beautiful gift. It’s the highest vibration to be on. That being said, iIt also can be the most confusing and frustrating emotion of them all. Love will be in the air. Be open and ready to receive it. How you love is a choice. Choose someone who lifts you up versus someone who holds you back.

The Page of Coins is all about new beginnings. Energy should be centered around growing and expanding which will lead to some financial gains. In other words, more cha ching is on the way! Keep expanding your skills. Take classes to expand your knowledege. Seek inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing.

Long story short:

You are ready to rock this new year. Do at least three things each day to take you closer to your goals. Let love in so it can flow in all areas of your life. Cupid isn’t always stupid. Last but not least, keep expanding your mind. It will give you an edge and help you stand out in a crowd. Blessed be!

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