Let Me Eat Cake


Confession: I love cake. While other people are get excited about pies, tarts, and fruity desserts, it’s about cake for me (okay, I love chocolate chip cookies too). I take the quote “let them eat cake” very seriously.

I was in Aldi minding my own business and I saw the Baker’s Corner yellow cake mix and chocolate icing. I had been craving cake for a few days so my interest was peaked. The mix was only $.95 while the icing was $1.25. With those kind of prices can it be any good? As I stood in the in the store,  I had so many questions. Long story short, I really wanted to know what kind of a cake would come out of the cheap mix. I decided that I wanted to do a cake experiment.

I normally go with Duncan Hines when I use a mix. I think  their products taste more homemade that others on the market. Also it’s what my momma always used so it reminds me of home. Not expecting Baker’s Choice to be on the DH level, but it would be a nice surprise if it’s close.

I’m going in!



I’m pleased to say that the cake mix is pretty good. I made cupcakes and added some sprinkles to give them some extra flair. The chocolate icing was also lived up to the challenge. It taste just as good as all the other brand. If you ever need to make a cake and have limited funds, the Baker’s Corner is a good choice. It turns out that Baker’s Corner is actually one of the well known brands using a different name to sell in Aldi, so it’s just as good as any of the other mixes on the market. 

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