Bright: Booze Pairings for the Worst Movie of the Year

Netflix finally decided to do a big movie. They tapped Will Smith on the shoulder as the star of their first flick, Bright. It’s a logical choice, Smith is has star power and brings an audience. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

As for the bad news, the critics aren’t feeling, Bright. You know that a movie is bad if it gets the title “worst movie of the year” with only about a week left in the year. The good news is that a bad movie can be a very good time.

There are some bad movies that are masterpieces in their own right, think Rocky Horror Picture Show, Show Girls, Grease 2 and White Chicks. Why not add Bright to the list?

Bright is a fantasy action movie with humans, elves, orcs, fairies, and magic. It follows two cops (played by Will Smith and Joel Edgerton) as they travel through an alternative world deflecting people who are after a magic wand. That wand is basically bad news, it’s powerful and all the evil people want it. There’s also some fantasy racism and classism going on. Yeah, it’s all a hot mess, but kind of an interesting train wreck.

I’m still waiting for Jada to take up for Will by issuing a statement saying the movie is Will’s best work. In the meantime, a bad movie paired with good booze can be just what you needed.

Here are some of my pairing suggestions while you whisper, WTF under your breathe, as you try to to understand what the hell is going on. And did I mention that Smith is already sign to star in Bright 2?

1) Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva– It’s always a good time for a rum. This Venezuelan spirit gets all the raves. It has seductive aromas of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and spices. Sipping a bit of this will make you feel so good, you will start to believe in elves.

2) Casa Noble Reposado– If were there was a good time for a tequila it’s sitting through Bright. Casa Noble is an small batch organic tequila that is produced from estate grown agave. Have on the rocks with a lime and a touch of salt on the rim.

3) Hennessy X.O– If you are going to have Cognac, you might as well do it right. Henny X.O is complex and elegant with notes of chocolate, black pepper, and dried fruit. It’s the perfect thing to sip as you wonder what the heck an orc and if have a relative who’s one.

4) Mionetto Rosé Gran Prosecco–  Rosé is good with everything, especially this Rosé Gran. This affordable bottle of bubbles is perfect to savor as you wonder if the $90 million dollars spent to make Bright was worth it. Let your nose enjoy the aromas of violets, berries, and cherries as your palate thanks you.







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