A White Wine Christmas

White wine has become a hit during the  December holiday season. When you dream of a white Christmas, let it be about the wine. Here are some white wines from around the world that will have you singing “ fa la la la la la la la”.


La Chablisienne Pas Si Petit Chablis  ($16.99)

If you like Chardonnay then Chablis would probably be your jam. I like to think of Chablis as Chardonnay’s “bougie aunt”.  This is one of my favorite types of wine due to the taste and versatility. It was hard to pick just one Chablis to recommend, but The La Chablisienne made the cut. It’s made with 100% Chardonnay grapes with  aromas of green apples and citrus. Get at least two bottles of this Chablis, you will crave it.

Bodegas Copaboca Gorgorito Verdejo ( $8.99)

This spunky  yet dry wine is good to drink whenever it’s time for wine.  From the Rueda region of Spain, it’s  a certified green wine meaning that it is produced through sustainable viticulture. The Gorgorito would be fabulous paired with appetizers such as baked brie, empanadas, or shrimp. It’s also a good selection to drink on its own if you need a glass to unwind.

Arrogant Frog Chardonnay ($9.99)

This golden yellow wine is a French gem. Produced in the Languedoc region by Domaine Mas, it has aromas of pineapple, nuts, vanilla, and flowers. While the wine is elegant, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Pair with roasted chicken, truffle cheese ( or truffle anything), garlic mashed potatoes, or fish. This one is serious wine bang for your buck.

Pomino Chardonnay ($18.99)

If you can’t make it to Tuscany for the holidays, bring Tuscany to you by selecting a bottle of Pomino Chardonnay. When you think of Chardonnay, Italy may not be the first region that comes to mind, but it’s pretty popular in Italy. The Pomino is produced by Frescobaldi Wines, a family that has been in the wine business for 700 years. Notes of jasmine, apricot, and cardamom hit the nose while the taste is frisky on the palate. Pair the wine with seafood dishes or sharp cheese.

Chandon Brut Classic ( $17.99)

Bubbly has a way of bringing happiness wherever a cork is popped.  This Brut is a California classic produced in the Napa Valley region. The aromas of apple, pear, and citrus make this wine simply divine.  What’s also wonderful is that there are many pairing options.  You can pair with beef, truffle fries, cheese, or grilled veggies. When you have Champagne dreams but your bank account says “yeah right”, this sparkling wine is the one.

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