Made With Monte

It has been a very festive holiday season. The parties started at the beginning of November and have been non-stop. To top it all, I’ve had so many lovely wine and spirit samples sent to me for  holiday cheer. I’m loving every minute of it.

To my surprise, a bottle of Montenegro has showed up just in time for some Chanukah and Christmas fun. I love amaro so I will happily work it into my drink rotation for the holidays. I can’t decide which cocktail I want to make first.  There’s The Charming Man or Montenegroni recipes that I’m looking at. I may just go with a Monte On The Rocks, because I love amaro as it is and don’t need to mix it with anything to enjoy it. I also tend to just drink it neat.

The first time I tried Montenegro was at a Master Class in NYC with their Master Herbalist, Matteo Bonoli. I didn’t know much about the spirit, in fact I almost didn’t go to the event. I had just come back from a press trip and was totally exhausted. My curiosity got the best of me. I’m the kinda gal who loves to try a new spirit. Long story short, after that class I was hooked.

Montenegro is  aromatic due to being made with 40 herbs including nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon,  and oranges.  The spirit has a very interesting history from the shape of the bottle to the alchemy in the production. Stay tuned for more on Montenegro, if you don’t know much about the spirit, you will. Cheers!


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