Tipsy Tarot: December 11, 2017- December 17, 2017

This week’s pairing is the Goddesses & Sirens Deck and Apothic Inferno Wine. The Goddesses help to pump up divine feminine energy. while being on your side. The deck is perfectly paired with the bold and intense Apothic Inferno many layer but a smooth finish.

The goddesses who are making a guest appearance this week are Artemis, Isis, and Vesta. The triple threat of goddess energy is ready to assist you in any and every way.

Artemis is all about independence. Sometimes the only way to achieve a goal is to go out on a limb by yourself. Unfortunately going toward the higher self means excluding people. Run your own race. Remember that when you let something or someone go, the universe brings a better replacement

When you are in a need of a little protection, give a shout out to Isis. The Egyptian goddess is there for you when you need help from negativity or in a tough situation. She will always answer when you call.

Last but not least, Vesta is on the scene to remind you that home is where the heart it. Spend some time at home. Sage your space to bring in new energy. Get some flowers or plants for your home to have flower/plant power surrounding you.

Long story short:

Stick with your truth no matter what friends and family say. Follow your bliss. Your independent spirit will thank you! If you feel the haters or negativity closing in, give your girl Isis a call and she will shut it down. Burn your favorite candle or essential oil to give you the home loving feels Namaste.

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