Époisses Cheese: A French Delight

I had the pleasure of trying this Époisses cheese at the French Cheese Board in NYC during a cheese and Willm wine pairing.

Époisses cheese is made in the village of Époisses in the region of Burgundy. It’s a soft pungent cheese that’s so soft it tends to be served with a spoon. The name of the cheese, Époisses, means “worth the effort” in French. I would have to agree. Each bite will be well worth your time.

Époisses dates back to the sixteenth century, however almost became extinct due to the World Wars. You know how wars always mess with the food mood. Thank goodness that a couple of farmers resurrected the cheese in the 1950s.

The word on the streets is that Napoleon loved the cheese while Jean Anthelme Brillat- Savarin deemed it the king of cheeses. All you need is some baguette and white wine to go with it and your palate will be winning.

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