Let Me Eat Cake

  Confession: I love cake. While other people are get excited about pies, tarts, and fruity desserts, it’s about cake for me (okay, I love chocolate chip cookies too). I take the quote “let them eat cake” very seriously. I was in Aldi minding my own business and I saw the Baker’s Corner yellow cake mix and chocolate icing. I […]

The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Himalayan Brown Bears, Bahamas Cruise, Hot Chocolate Mug Cake, Top Destinations, & Niagara IceWine Festival

Want to experience brown bears on a whole other level? There is a Himalayan Brown Bear Safari in India that will take you on an adventure to see this rare animal. The goal of the safari is to increase awareness of the endangered species as well as produce employment for local residents. It’s all for good so this is worth checking out. […]

Maker’s Mark Bourbon

I have to admit, I haven’t given much thought to Maker’s Mark Bourbon. As you know there are so many bourbons so little time. What’s a girl to do? Well, today I had a meeting about Maker’s Mark and got schooled. I never would have imagined that there is so much more to them. Now I know and consider me […]

A White Wine Christmas

White wine has become a hit during the  December holiday season. When you dream of a white Christmas, let it be about the wine. Here are some white wines from around the world that will have you singing “ fa la la la la la la la”.   La Chablisienne Pas Si Petit Chablis  ($16.99) If you like Chardonnay then […]

Made With Monte

It has been a very festive holiday season. The parties started at the beginning of November and have been non-stop. To top it all, I’ve had so many lovely wine and spirit samples sent to me for  holiday cheer. I’m loving every minute of it. To my surprise, a bottle of Montenegro has showed up just in time for some […]

Chrismukkah Crockin’: Holiday Ham

Ham tends to be a part of people’s Christmas table. The tradition goes way back when wealthy people in England would use a boar’s head as the centerpiece of the holiday table. This tradition has been associated with Germanic paganism as a tribute to the goddess, Freya. Well, poor folks needed a substitute, because they couldn’t afford boar. They were […]

Époisses Cheese: A French Delight

I had the pleasure of trying this Époisses cheese at the French Cheese Board in NYC during a cheese and Willm wine pairing. Époisses cheese is made in the village of Époisses in the region of Burgundy. It’s a soft pungent cheese that’s so soft it tends to be served with a spoon. The name of the cheese, Époisses, means “worth the effort” […]