Bluecoat Gin: An American Gin Destination In Philadelphia

Oh gin, it’s a spirit that’s got a lot of personality. Known for it’s reputation of being fun, tragic, yet entertaining. There are so many delicious gins on the market to try, what’s a girl to do?

Gin was first produced in Holland, but is the national spirit of England. In fact Great Britain loves gin so much they had a “Gin Craze”  in the first part of the 18th century, especially in London.  There were about 7,000 plus gin shops located in the city and it turned people into alcoholics. It almost destroyed London. Well, they bounced back, and kept their love of the spirit.

One of the the best things about gin is that can be made anywhere. There are no geographical restrictions, which is why wonderful gins are coming from different parts of the world. I discovered a wonderful gin a few hours from me in Pennsylvania.

Bluecoat Gin is an American dry gin that is handcrafted in Philadelphia in the first craft distillery in Pennsylvania since Prohibition. The are the first purveyors of American gin. When they were selecting a name the market had plenty of London dry gins known as the “the redcoats” . In their attempt  to change the standard by introducing American dry gin they chose the name Bluecoat Gin. I was invited to check out the distillery when I went on a weekend getaway to Philly.

At the distillery you can grab some craft cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s a bar area as well as couches to perch yourself on. The location is fairly new having opened in the Spring of 2016.  There are tours offered which I highly recommend. It will give you the 411 on the spirit and take you backstage to see where everything is made. The tour ends in a tasting room on the top floor where we got to sample all 5 of the Philadelphia Distilling Co’s spirits.

Bluecoat gin is made in small batches with 100% organic botanicals including berries, sweet orange, orange peel, angelica root, juniper, etc. It’s an very aromatic spirit.  It’s smooth on the palate and has less juniper than other gins. The blue bottle that the gin comes in is absolutely gorgeous. I’ll be saving it to use as decor in my apartment.

If you are in Philly or visiting the area,  the distillery should be on your destination list.  Besides it being a lovely space, you will be able to sip and chill with the locals. If you don’t like gin, sip on one of the other spirits that they produce. Enjoy the adventure!

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