Three Candle Joy Spell

Got, joy? Life throws so many things our way, joy can be hard to find or hold on to.

We all could use a more of it. Joy is considered different that happiness, because it’s a spiritual quality that is internal. It’s a state of being.

Below is a spell that will bring some joy to your chakras and spirit. Make sure you use essential oil and not fragrance oil because it doesn’t have the same effect. Essential oils are a key ingredient when it comes to spell work.

This spell will add some joy to your life when you need it the most. You only need a few things for this quick and easy candle spell. Myrrh is one of my favorite oils, it’s great for grounding and spirituality. It’s a very magickal oil which can be used for divination work,


Three Candle Joy Spell

  • 3 white or black candles

  • Myrrh Essential Oil

  • A few pinches of rosemary

Rub myrrh oil on all three of the candles, then set them up on your table or altar. Light each one, then sprinkle the herbs on the table around the candles. Focus on the fan of the flames, and repeat out loud:

Happiness and joy, come into my life

Away with anger, stress and strife

I am happy, I am free

No more negativity

Hold your hands above the flames to feel their warmth. Stays focused and determined to see the positive side of things, and leave the candles to burn out. Blessed be.

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