Tipsy Tarot: November 20, 2017- November 26, 2017


Divination through tarot paired with wine/spirits

This week’s pairing is the Sacred Rebel Oracle with the Apothic Inferno. The deck is all about being unique which is exactly what Inferno is all about with it’s bold and smoky flavor.

The rebels have spoken and it’s time to go beyond normal, defend to the end, and remember that what you want, wants you.

Time to listen to your intuition a bit more. You have been neglecting that little voice for too long, so it’s time to listen up. Things don’t always work out like you planned, be open to the flow, you never know where it will lead you.

No matter what is going on,stay strong and stand your ground. Of course there will be times when you want to give up. Being a warrior can be exhausting. However remember that you have it in you kick ass and take names, don’t forget your warrior pose.

Do you know what you want? Go for it. Stop talking yourself out of your desires. Push any doubts and fears aside so that you can receive all the goodness that you’ve requested. Let the abundance in. The universe is listening.

Long story short:

While you make have a plan, looks like a few plot twists are coming your way.It’s all good though, your intuition will carry you though. Your warrior pose is also a good thing to keep handy for those moment that try your patience. Except for good things to come your way. You have put your order into the universe, expect some special deliveries.


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