Tipsy Tarot: November 13, 2017- November 19, 2017

Divination through tarot paired with wine/spirits

This week’s pairing is the Angel Prayers Oracle cards with the Esprit Gassier Rosé Cotes De Provence. I love pairing  rosé with angel readings there is something about the wine that reminds me of the the essence of angels.

The Esprit Gassier Rosé is a light yet vivacious just like angels. And esprit means “spirit” in French. Cheers!

The angels have spoken and the message centers around light, prayer, and synchronicity.  

You’ve got a light within you, are you going to let it shine? That special gift that only you have is ready to reach out and assist others. How you choose to that is up to you. Go big or do it on an intimate level. Either way, the angels are around to offer support.

The universe has heard your requests even when it feels like you can’t get a break. Trust in the journey.  Everything is as it should be for this moment. Trust in the timing. The universe has a magickal little thing called synchronicity waiting in the wings ready to unleash it at anytime. It’s how everything comes together.

Long story short:

Time to show the world what you got. You are divine and it’s time to shine. Keep on talking to the universe, your requests are being heard. Keep the faith and wait until your wishes are granted. It may not look the way that you expected. It will be even better. Timing is everything. It’s on your side.


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