Tipsy Tarot: November 6, 2017-November 12, 2017


Divination through tarot paired with wine/spirits

This week’s pairing is the Santa Muerte Tarot paired with Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 2.  Skulls are a symbol of change in life and the Cognac is Yann Fillioux’s last batch as master distiller of’s the perfect pairing.

The spirits have spoken and the 4 of Pentacles, The Fool, and the 5 of Pentacles are front and center. Two pentacles cards showed up so let’s get grounded shall we:

Don’t take things too seriously this week. That will lighten up any of the baggage you are holding on to that normally holds you back or generates your fear. Laugh at the negative stuff you ain’t got time for that. You get what you put out so smash the darkness with your light.

It’s the holiday season, a time to be grateful for the year even if you haven’t achieved all of your goals. Give it up for grateful for the things that you have accomplish and what’s yet to come.

The end of the week is looking good, energy is shifting. If you have been waiting for something to happen or for an answer, looks like you finally find out the outcome. No need to worry. Everything will happen in your favor. All that’s left to do is trust the universe.

Long story short:

Don’t sweat the small stuff, in the end it’s all small stuff. When something is not working the universe is trying to give you something better. Enjoy the heck out of the holidays, pleasure is what they are for. The end of the week should bring you some good news. Even if it’s not exactly the answer that you want, it’s good for you in the long run. Cheers!

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