Tipsy Tarot: October 30, 2017- November 5, 2017


Welcome to the first edition of Tipsy Tarot… tarot paired with wine/spirits.

This week’s pairing is the Halloween Oracle paired with Antica Black Sambuca, the mysterious black liqueur infused with witch elder bush, anise, and liquorice. How wicked!

The spirits have spoken and the Joy, Owl, and Cauldron message is front and center:

Make sure that you focus on the moment. Sometimes this is hard thing to do, because we have our eye on the future, not to mention all of the social media and noise that’s a part of everyday life. Keep an eye out for magick and miracles. Seek joy. In other words actively do things that make you happy, incorporate joy into your life by any means necessary.

Find yourself in a position to make a life changing decision and you feel stuck? It’s time for you to ask some questions. Talk to a mentor. Chat with a supportive family member. Above all else contact your angels and guides, they always have your back and will get you the answers that you need.

When you are looking for results, remember that sometimes there can be a few things that you need to do to get your desired results. While it’s great to be able to make a phone call or drop an email to make something happen, sometimes it takes ten calls or twenty emails. Either way, stay resilient. The results will show up if you keep rockin’ on.

Long story short:

Keep joy at the front of every thing that you do even when someone tries to take it away. The answers that you seek will find you if you allow yourself to ask the questions. Last but not least, keep the course you are a force. Blessed be!

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