Witches And Wine Pairings

Tis the season of the witch. It’s an enchanting time to snuggle in with a good glass of wine and watch witches at work. The following are some of my favorite witchy flicks paired with an adult beverage.

The Good Witch- paired with Mionetto ( Netflix season 1 and 2)

A light and fluffy show about a witchy widow, Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell), and her daughter, Grace (Bailee Madison), in a small town charming. She owns the Bell, Book, and Candle shop so she is always charming people in the town with her potions and such. Did I mention that a cute doctor (James Denton) and his son ( Rhys Matthew Bond) have moved next door?

A bottle of Mionetto is the perfect pairing due to the bubbly Bell’s portrayal of the witch, plus it’s fun and tasty on the palate.

The Love Witch- paired with Apothic Inferno (Amazon Prime)

Elaine, the witch is on a mission to find love and there’s no stopping her.She conjures up spells and potions to seduce the men around her. Due to her powerful magick men fall so helplessly in love with her it drives them insane. What’s a witch to do?

The Apothic Inferno was the first wine that came to mind for this movie. It’s passionate, smoky, and has a long finish, just like the right kind of love, right?

The Worst Witch- paired with Copaboca Gorgorito Verdejo (Netflix)

A girl named Mildred Hubble who isn’t a witch yet stumble on a witch academy then wants to be a witch is what this is all about. Mildred is all of us she tries to get through the witch academy. Mildred is a hot mess,  yet is clever enough to get by. “Oh my hat” there’s a lot of magickal hot mess getting on and it’s so much fun. Lots of spells in this one

The Gorgorito Verdejo is a lovely white wine from Spain. It’s got kick and creativity like Mildred Hubble.

The Originals-paired with La Vieille Ferme Rogue  (Netflix)

If you want something a bit binge worthy, The Originals is good one. It’s a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries. Long story short, a vampire- werewolf hybrid whose mother is a witch, gets entertained with some drama in New Orleans. If ever there was a city full of supernatural fun it’s The Big Easy.Vampires team up with witches, which makes for a lot of magickal fun.

The La Vieille Ferme Rouge will bring in the spirit of the French while something juicy and red in your glass, something a vampire with love.

The Craft- paired with Lini 920 Labrusca Rosso Lambrusco, NV (Netflix)

Follow a group of Catholic school going misfit witches, played by Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and Fairuza Balk, as they create mischievous. They cast spells and curses to those who dare to try them. The movie has become a cult classic when it comes to witches and those who love us.

The Lini 920 Labrusca.Rosso Lambrusco is a bubbly red that will fill your glass with magick.Drink up witches.

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