The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Solo Travel, London Vineyards, KLM Virtual Upgrade, NPR Wine Club, & Autumn Adventures

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Are you afraid to travel by yourself? It’s such a wonderful thing to do, you should try it sometime. Take a baby step and go away for a long weekend close to where you live. Once you see how awesome it is, you will be hooked.There are some things that you can do to get over your fear of solo travel.

London has stepped up their wine in a big way. That being said London should be on your wine travel list. The area has some vineyards that will make your palate very happy. I wonder what the Queen is drinking, don’t you?

Want a virtual experience at the airport? KLM is giving  budget travelers a virtual upgrade at the airport so that they can see what their upgrade would  have been like if they had chosen KLM. It’s an interesting way to get traveler’s attention.

Did you know that NPR has a new wine club? The club is for public radio supporters and wine lovers. Some of the countries the wines will come from are Chile, France, New Zealand, and California. You can also go to their shop for some of their other selections.

Looking for an Autumn adventure? There are some beautiful spots in the U.S. to watch the leaves change, hike, breathe fresh air and take in a bit of nature. Imagine how awesome it would be to slow down and enjoy life. Think Minnesota, Colorado, and West Virginia.