Thrill Your Tastebuds: Coney Island Brewery Beer Dinner

Did you know that you can get craft beer made in the heart of Coney Island? Thanks to Coney Island Brewery, there’s some good beer to sip and savor. Their tagline is “Thrill Your Tastebuds”. I’m always up for that.

About two years ago the brewery settled into it’s location on Surf Avenue. There are about 8 rotating beers on tap. Like most breweries that have seasonal and special editions. So there is a new experience every time you go.

I had the pleasure of attending a 4 course beer pairing dinner in the cozy brewery. I got to taste the brewery’s standard beers and special editions. Chef Kate O’Donnell and Coney’s head brewer, Eric Hernandez, curated the pairings for the evening.

Menu for the evening


Smoked Bluefish

Oysters on the Half Shell

with Brunch Beer Granita

A Selection of Local Cheese

Cherry Mostarda

Paired with:

Mermaid Pilsner

First Course

Fried Green Tomatoes

with Lobster & Heirloom Tomato Salad

Paired with:

Vagabond Wit & Watermelon Wheat


Second Course

Grilled Chorizo

with Mexican street Corn Salad and Poblano Peppers

Paired with:

Merman Imperial Pilsner & Overpass I.P.A.



Cherry Cobbler

with Crumbled Oat Topping & Whipped Buttermilk

Paired with:

Tart Cherry Berliner Weiss

The kick off beer, the Mermaid Pilsner, is a light crisp German style pilsner. It’s mildly spice with floral hop aromas. It was one of my favorite beers of the evening. It’s the kind of beer that would be great with seafood.

The beers with the second course, Vagabond Wit and Watermelon Wheat, were interesting contrasts for the second course. While the Vagabond Wit is a Witbier style of beer, the Watermelon Wheat is packed with watermelon on the palate with citrus hops. I preferred the Vagabond Wit with the course. However, the Watermelon Wheat would be perfect to simply sip on a hot summer day.

Next we were off to the Merman Pilsner and Overpass I.P.A. The Merman is similar to the Mermaid Pilsner expect it’s medium bodied and more on malt. With the Overpass I.P.A., it’s bold bitterness and tropical hops are a party on the palate.  I did enjoy the Merman, but the Overpass was my go to during this pairing.

For the last pairing, we were given the Tart Cherry Berliner Weiss. This one was tart and sour with a sweet aroma. Okay, I honestly only had about two sips of this one, it wasn’t my jam. I would rather cook with this beer than drink it.

Overall, the brewery has some pretty good beer. I preferred their traditional style brews versus the ones with a bunch of different funky flavors. However, I did just pick with their, Freakoctoberfest beer. It’s their answer to a pumpkin ale.

It’s a young brewery so it will be interesting to see what lies ahead. They creating a wonderful community so stop in next time you’re in Coney Island. Besides beer dinners, they always have events going on like Sunset Yoga, Movies n’ Malt, Fireworks, and other adventures. If you can’t make to Brooklyn, look for their beer around the city. You can thrill your taste buds at various locations in NYC.

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