Affordable Sparkling Wines For Your Wedding

Unless you run off to city hall or elope to get married, weddings aren’t cheap. Between the dress, flowers, location, and food, the costs add up. Then there is the booze. Most people want to serve Champagne at their  wedding reception because it’s a special occasion. However Champagne bottles add up quick.

Here are some great sparkling wine selections from around the world that will give relief to your wedding budget yet still please your guest’s palate.

Vilarnau Brut Reserva Rosé ($15)

Cava is a great option for sparkling wine, it’s definitely bubble bang for your bucks. It’s Spain’s answer to Champagne. This Brut Rosé has floral, berry, and rose petal aromas. Vilarnau is known for producing quality cavas.  If you can find the Trencadis Edition bottle it would be perfect for weddings. The trencadis is a mosaic used in the modernist art movement in Catalonia, Spain. The bottles are all dressed up and ready to go. Through a dash of Cognac on a glass of this Cava and it will be a hit with your guests.

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige ( $18.99)

You can never go wrong with some Mumm Napa. A quality yet affordable sparkling that can be pulled out for  every day and those special occasions. The roots of the winery trace back to the Champagne house GH Mumm. They use their French heritage to make dazzling sparkling wines. You will find vanillla, citrus,  and stone fruit aromas in this wine.  Pairs well with appetizers, chicken, and crab cakes.

NV Zonin Prosecco Cuvée 1821 ( $15)

Zonin Winery’s Casa Vinicola Zonin Estate produces their NV Zonin Prosecco Cuvée 1821 in the Veneto region of Italy. Prosecco is one of the hottest sparkling wines around so of course you should have it on your big day. This is a crisp wine with white flower and peach aromas.  It will get the party going and then some. It would go great with appetizers, fish or beef dishes. This one is good for an all night’s wedding soiree.

Louis Pommery California ( $19.99)

The well known Champagne Pommery has decided to make an affordable bottle of bubbles which comes from California.  It’s the winery’s second attempt at making wine in the US and what a lovely attempt it is.  Green apples and peaches are the aromas that you will find in this bottle of wine. The sparkling wine is so elegant many will assume they are drinking Champagne.

Graham Beck Cuvée Clive 2011  ($40)

South Africa is known for producing some good wines, but did you know that they also have some good sparkling? If you are looking for a vintage sparkling wine,  Graham Beck is the way to go.It’s a sparkling wine house that makes wine in the Méthode Cap Classique which is the same method as Champagne is made. A balance and smooth sparkling wine that  would easily pair with everything that you serve.

McBride Sister Rosé Brut- ($19.99)

This bottle of bubbles is produced in New Zealand from sustainable grapes. As the wine opens it becomes more vibrant on the palate. Crisp on the palate bringing a burst of flowers and berries. This wine would works wonders with a lot of food options such as steak or chicken. It’s light enough to go with vegetarian opens as well. Feel free to serve this one from beginning to end of the nuptials.

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