Witchcraft Cocktails: Montenegro Spritz

I went to a Master Class for Amaro Montenegro and fell in love with the spirit.  The herbal liqueur was originally crafted by monks who believed that it has supernatural powers. It’s derived from 40 herbs and spices  from around the world which include saffron, orange peels, licorice root, rose petals, and many more. The recipe for the amaro is a guarded secret. I like to think of it as the perfect witch’s brew for conjuring the perfect cocktail.

The liqueur was created by herbalist and distiller, Stanislao Cobianchi, in Bologna, Italy in 1885. He named it after Princess Elena Petrović-Njegoš of Montenegro. When the Princess married King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy it was an essential part of the a wedding celebration, which made it must have in Italy.

Besides being a wonderful for after-dinner, it’s great in cocktails paired with food. More and more bartender’s are conjuring cocktails with Amaro Montenegro. You can find many ways to use the liqueur at home when you are entertaining. It’s so diverse you can add only one ingredient or several for the perfect cocktail.

Here’s a recipe for a Montenegro Spritz. It’s a light and refreshing drink  to have as a pre-game cocktail. It only requires two ingredients so it’s a good one to for a soiree. Make a batch, throw it in a punch bowl, and you are good to go. Of course it’s a good one for binging on a show during the day.  

Montenegro Spritz


A bottle of Amaro Montenegro

A bottle Sparkling Wine ( a  good cava or prosecco)

Instructions: Pour one ounce of Montenegro into a wine glass or cocktail glass. Add four ounces of sparkling wine (Prosecco or cava, pick your favorite). Garnish with an orange slice. Sip and feel like a King or Queen. Cheers!


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