The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Women Flyer Service, Free Owl Cabins, Dom Pérignon Delivery, Corsican Wines, & Style By Zeta

Some women love to solo travel, in fact it’s a pretty big thing. Vistara, an airline in New Delhi, has a new Women Flyer Service. No more sitting in the middle seat just because a lady is solo. The service offers preferred seating plus baggage and transport assistance. Wouldn’t it be great if other airlines did this?!

Planning on going to Bordeaux, but on a budget? There are some rustic owl cabins that you can stay in for free, yes for free. Just know that there is no electricity or running water, so think of it as camping. It sounds like it might be an interesting adventures.

Dom Pérignon has launched a one-hour delivery service in a partnership with Thirstie. A selection of vintages are offered on-demand, chilled, and ready to sip. Next time you are craving Champagne, you know what to do.

Corsica should be on your travel list. It’s an  intriguing wine region, not to mention how absolutely gorgeous it looks. Wines from the area are getting a lot of notice lately. Make a plan for which wineries you plan to visit so that you don’t miss any of the good ones.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is starting a lifestyle brand. She’s been working on a brand for several years and now she’s about to get into the lifestyle game with Style by Zeta. I’m kind of excited by this because she’s always had style and doesn’t seem to be jumping into lifestyle to be cool. Follow her on Instagram to get an idea of what she is up to. 

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