Pop Witch: Usher Raymond & Angelina Jolie

Drink something bubbly and get the psychic tea on celebrities and pop culture…


Usher Raymond

I don’t know about you, but I can’t see Usher now with giving him a little side eye. In case you missed the news, Usher has herpes.  It’s not like he’s the only one in the world with herpes, it’s just that he was being shady and sneaky about it.  It was reported that Usher had to pay a celebrity stylist $1.1 million dollars, because he infected her. I guess the green liquid coming from his penis didn’t tip her off that something was wrong. Really girl?!

Now some chick, “Jane Doe”, is suing Usher for $20 million dollars ( it went from $10 million to $20 million) for emotional damage, medical bills, etc. It’s interesting that she didn’t come forward until it was reported that he paid off the stylist. I say something is fishy about all of this. Not for nothing, but no one made her sleep with Usher. They had unprotected sex which is never a good idea. A celebrity on the road..there’s a 95% chance he or she has something you may not want to catch. Unless she has some receipts that she hasn’t shared, she won’t be getting $20 million dollars. I guess I would have asked for that much as well. Don’t blame her for trying it, but hope she isn’t holding her breath.

The argument will be that Usher should have disclosed that he has herpes. It looks like Usher’s team will argue that they don’t know for sure Usher is the one who gave her herpes. There’s some dirt they will be able to dig up on “Jane Doe”. By no means is this an open and shut case. Girlfriend will have to fight hard for this money and by the time it’s all said and done it will be a pittance compared to what she’s asking for.

Let’s also not forget that Usher is married to Grace Miguel…at least for now. She is slowly but surely doing some research on how to exit the marriage. If one more woman comes forth, Miguel will kick Usher to the curb. Can we blame her?!


Angelina Jolie

Jolie recently spoke to Vogue about divorcing Brad Pitt. She confessed to crying in the shower so that the kids don’t know anything is wrong. Basically she didn’t reveal much more information except to say that that things got bad and Pitt tried to woo her back.   

I’m still not sure why so many people were surprised that they broke up. Their relationship had train wreck written all over it…from beginning to end. As we now know, Pitt was drinking too much. Let’s remember that the drinking was also a symptom of something being wrong. It takes two to tango. From the way Jolie tells her side of the story, it appears as though it was all Pitt’s fault the marriage failed. However, I see some very dark energy coming from her. She’s the type to drain someone’s energy. What we would call an energy vampire. It’s all about getting her way and manipulating people.

Long story short, it’s over. Brad won’t give us the real scoop, but my psychic senses say that Angie has done some evil things to him. Can’t wait until one of those kids writes a book.

I still say that Brad Pitt and Halle Berry would be the perfect fit.  Can they please do a movie together so they can fall in love on the set. However, I would take Pitt just asking her out for coffee after one of those award shows. As for Jolie, she will continue to parade around with her flock of children, make movies every once in awhile, and cry in the shower, because she will realize she is very much alone. Hopefully one day she finds what she’s looking for.

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