Pompette Notes: Anna De Codorníu Brut Rosé

Who doesn’t love Champagne? The only thing problem is sometimes a nice bottle can cause a strain on the budget, that’s where cava can come in. Cava is Spain’s answer to sparkling wine. Since it’s made in the same method as Champagne but with different grapes, you can still get the essence of expensive bubbly.

Anna De Codorníu Brut Rosé,  is a lovely cava that should be on your sip list.  It’s produced with a mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. If you have Champagne dreams with a limited budget, cava is a good way to go for celebrations, brunches, and seductions. I say it’s a good one for breakfast in bed, if you know what I mean.


The tasting notes from the winery:

• Delicate cherry colour with strawberry tones. Fine and persistent bubbles. • Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, cherries and woodland fruits with hints of green apple. • On the palate it is elegant and light. Well balanced between acidity and sweetness with a refreshing finish.

The wine has been said to be a great apéritif since it is a tad on the sweeter end. I would have to agree. However, the wine is not overly sweet.  I think that is could be wonderful with the right meal that has a nice balance of savory dishes. It would be nice with a savory chicken or meat dish. It’s also great with a batch of kettle corn as you watch binge on your favorite guilty pleasure.

Pompette Tip: A bottle of bubbles that will help you get your bubbles. You may feel a little shabby chic since it’s not Champagne, but the bubbles are delish and a very good time. 

11.5% abv | $13

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