La Cutura Giardino Botanico in Italy

I had the pleasure of going to La Cutura Giardino Botanico in Giuggianello while on a gastronomy experience with Zonin 1821. You know that I love a good botanical garden. This one did not disappoint.

 There are over 2,000 plants in the gardens collected from around the world. We stopped by the rose garden which was lovely. Unfortunately many of the roses had died due to a very hot summer. What surprised me the most is how beautiful the cacti were. I never thought of a cactus as “pretty”, but seeing them in Italy changed my mind. Each cactus seemed to have it’s own personality. Their cacti collection includes many from around the world such as Italy, Mexico, and Africa. 

There’s a pond with water lillies. Of course there is a forest area which is known as “The Forest of Lecci”. Concerts and events are held  in the forest from time to time during the summer months. In the Secret Garden there is a farm with a gang of animals. Some of the critters that visitors can see are dwarf bunnies, swans, peacocks, geese, ponies, and so much more.


There’s a restaurant at La Cutura called “Dejeuner sur l’ Herbe” where you can eat dinner outside. We had a wine and pasta filled dinner under the stars with jazz music playing in the background. It was pure magick. It’s a night I shall never forget, especially due to the delicious wine.

It’s common for people to get married or have special events at La Cutura. It’s an enchanting location. It’s highly recommended that you make a reservation if you want to have dinner, especially if you have a group. If you are in that area of Puglia, stop by, you will be so glad that you did.

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