The Witch’s Lifestyle & Travel News RoundUp: Carnival LIVE, Grocery Store Wine, Europe For $500, Live Longer, & Work Overseas

Bringing you the 411 on wicked news in lifestyle, wine, and travel. Get it!

Carnival Cruises is going to host comedy shows on their cruises. Looks like Chris Tucker has signed up to do two shows for Carnival LIVE in the fall at the Nassau stop. There are VIP tickets for those looking to get a little bit closer to Tucker.

We all know that traveling can be expensive. However if you scale back on doing some of the bigger budget things there is a way to get more bang for your buck. Can you really hit a bunch of cities in Europe for around $500? It could be a fun travel challenge for you and your wallet. Hmm…

Looks like travel make be a key ingredient to  living a longer life. Older people are making their way around the globe and loving it. Traveling is great to help someone relax, relate, and release.

Grocery stores are starting to give wine stores a run for their money, by selling quality wines that are getting fabulous ratings. Aldi recently made news by having a killer rosé that is hard to get. Which store is going to be next?  Time will tell!

Thinking about moving overseas? Maybe you want to teach English in another country. There are opportunities out there for you. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into if you do decide to go live overseas for a bit. Visas come into play when it comes to working in another country.

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