Blue Ribbon Chicken

After a night of sipping copious amounts of Louis Pommery Sparkling Wine on the rooftop of the Public Hotel, I needed a snack. Sometimes fancy launch parties lack in the food department. Just as I was about to go home and rummage my fridge, I noticed Blue Ribbon Chicken in the distance. I immediately felt it calling me. Why not go get a wing or two?

Blue Ribbon Chicken was founded by New Jersey boys, Bruce and Eric Bromberg. The same Bromberg’s who opened Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Soho. The brothers have a thing for fried chicken and thanks to matzo meal, found a delicious way to fry it up.

The restaurant was bustling with hipsters and artsy Lower East Siders. On the menu are chicken sandwiches made with various different toppings and sauces. For those that just want pieces of chicken with a nice side there’s selections for you. The sides include: hush puppies, smoke mac & cheese, spicy cucumbers, french fries/sweet potato fries, corn & bacon, and coleslaw.

Where has this chicken been my whole life? It’s crispy and cooked to perfection. The next time I have it, I’ll pair it with some wine. Maybe some Chablis or rosé? They do serve beer and wine at Blue Ribbon if you want to pair your chicken with an “adult beverage.”

I recommend the eatery for a first date it you want to get your grub on and get to know someone. If you are need comfort food after a crappy day , this is it. It’s all finger lickin’ delish. The spot is open until 2am seven days a week, get thee to Blue Ribbon. 



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